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Related post: Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 16:10:43 -0600 From: Subject: Red 4Red by: dnrock( Deracine (uproot)"Why do we need to dress like Penguins?""We don't, I figured, if we rented this formal stuff we would stand out in the crowd.""You mean none of the other art students are going, formal? Hay, I stand out in any crowd," Russ commented, running his fingers through his rather longish red hair."Right, your a double threat, I doubt that any of the others would even consider formal dress. Not only that, this is a student exhibition, I am going to be sketching you, sitting on a high stool. I was thinking of charcoal and chalk, on cream paper.""So I get to model for everyone else too?""No, I don't think anyone else is planning to do demonstrations. Some will have cameras, I guess. preteen hot underware I thought we could set up next to `Boy In Motion'. It is very unusual to have the model also on display."Now that Kos was using Russ as his model, preteen model clip Russ was being paid for his time. Kos couldn't afford that much but uncle Fred did insist that Russ be given professional status.Everyone will know what I look like naked. Hum, I guess that's Ok, if I was that concerned I wouldn't have posed, would I? Oh my, I wonder if any of my classmates, the girls I mean, will see it? What if Sheila sees it? She will know more about me then I know about her, I guess, its not like she preteen gallery candid is my girlfriend or anything."Is that why we are doing this, to be different?""Partly, to be noticed by the buying public, of course.""Do you think your paintings will sell?""I sure hope so, even if they don't, it is good advertising. If people like my work, perhaps they will commission something, or purchase some of my future efforts. Maybe some will want to hire you as a model, you never know. Boy In Motion is a bit large preteen s models for most people. Say little man, maybe I should paint, Girl In Motion, do you think Sheila would pose for me?"Kos had that glint in preteen chat video his eye as he tossed off this comment. Russ just turned young preteen sexpics red and preteens movies boys huffed. He strutted around with his chest puffed up and shoulders back. Not that he wouldn't like to see her naked or anything like that. Russ just didn't know about these things. He sure knew how much he liked Kos' attention to his boyhood."If it's good advertising for your talent, it must be good advertising for my male endowments. I might have several girls after my body when they see it, you know.""Yep and probably a few boys as well."Well that may be true but Kos and maybe Eric are the only "big boys" I want.Kos swept his little brother into his arms and carried him up to the bedroom. korean naturist preteen Russ was giggling, Kos was kissing him on the cheeks and neck. When he set him down, Russ ran into his room returning with clean undies in his hand. He preteens in underware was not preteen boy actors letting Kos off quite that easy. If he wanted him to look like a Penguin, then he would just have to dress him. Kos was just a bit annoyed at first, but realized this as just one of Russ' little games. A game he liked to pay too, give Russ some solid boy attention and dress him, no dress each other, so Kos could get some boy attention. Russ in his very tight action hero briefs, that perfectly defined his round compact butt, Kos in his black, low rise, square cut, preteen boys pass boxer briefs; with a back seam that asian preteen feet snugged into his cleft, perfectly illustrating each of his youthful buttocks. It was a shame to cover these, oh so sexy, young male bodies. This was one secret preteen links time when cloths would, "make the man", as they say.They did present a handsome pair, taking up their station in the painting and print section, of the universitie's field house. Black tuxedos, white shirts, clip-on, wine red, bow ties, wine red suspenders, a wine red cumber bun, highly polished black wing tips; they were dressed to kill, in the 1940's use of the term. (That phrase was picked up by your author from his parents.)Yes they did get more than a few looks from both genders and over a wide age range. They also received a number of comments from other students, along with tiny preteen tits a few laughs. Russ was his usual charming self, making more than preteen orgasm video one reference to them being "the second most famous Smith Brothers, but we don't have beards." Not all of Kos' contemporaries got it, all of the faculty did. Where Russ picked up the Smith Brother Cough preteen emmie model Drop reference is anyone's guess, but when your as well read as he is...(The Smith Brothers Cough Drop box portrays one of the world's most famous trademarks. The two bearded gentlemen are affectionately known to generations as Trade and Mark. Not well known, however, is the fact that the Smith Brothers really existed. Their names were William (Trade) and Andrew (Mark) and they helped found Smith Brothers in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1847. (Google and learn more and yes you can still buy them.) These Smiths are no relation, that your author knows of, to our Smith Brothers.)Russ was not all that sure this was a good idea but the way he disarmed Kos' fellow student, showing a real preteens moldels nude interest in their work; instructors and the public, with his wide eyed smile and honest politeness; combined with the formal attire, was a master stroke. Russ was the boy at the center, Kos' anyway and he was unabashed in his childish confidence. Everyone would remember them, if not the art.In addition to "Boy In Motion", Kos also had a brightly colored abstract and a water color landscape, in muted pastel tones, that was not quite impressionism and not abstract either. They were just Kosmos. At 18 he had not found a style or vision as it were. Kos was still experimenting, refining xxs preteens tits his skills and his "eye". His work showed the influences of those gong before, but only that, influence not imitation. He is unique, different, not because of some philosophy or concreted effort, because of his honest, straight forward desire to portray his subject, to the best of his ability. Kos just presents his view of his subject the best way he knows how; applying any technique or style that will get the job done. His father had told him years ago that creativity was fusing the ordinary or common, often unrelated elements, into something that did not exist before or presenting the ordinary in a new or different way.Creativity is many things. For this young man it is rendering his subject from his personal point to view, from his inner eye, while capturing the reality of light an shadow as found, incorporating or leaving out details that imprint that vision. In the BIM he was meticulous in the presentation of the figures. So meticulous that Leonardo would have been in envy, yet backgrounds and other elements are impressionistic and even geometric, drawing nothing away from the figures, providing a mood and context that focused attention on them. This makes the figures, rendered with almost photographic precision, seam to be alive, in motion; the expressions capturing all the emotion and effort of an athlete.Nancy, Simon, Eric, Fred and the others all showed up. Family free preteen suck support, as it were; something Russ was still getting accustomed to. Their support was appreciated. Kos likes the feelings of sharing his moments with others. He does not do his art only for himself, mostly for the enjoyment and edification of others.Kos and Russ made the rounds, preteens pussy gallery talking to all the other students and everyone else. They would spend about 15 minutes sketching and the preteen models porno next quarter hour socializing. Each sketch was immediately snapped up by an admiring public; at $25 each, that netted Kos several hundred dollars. He would split, giving a quarter to Russ. Like any boy his age, sitting still for more than a few minutes is difficult. Being paid makes the 15 minute periods tolerable.Just as they rounded the corner, on one the their return trips, slightly before Kos' display, Russ stopped short; almost causing Kos to crash into him. "See preteen incest storys I told you Grandpa, he is the most beautiful boy in the city," Sheila O'Keef was pointing at BIM."Sheila dear, boys are handsome, girls are beautiful." Sheila did not see Russ but Judge Carter did. "Isn't that so Russell?" With that comment, Sheila looked around and her eyes locked on Russ. Russ' were already locked on her. His heart was pounding, hers was too. "Wow she thinks I'm beautiful, the best looking boy in the city even, Wow," Russ thought. If she wanted to call him beautiful that was all right with him, it was the thought not the word that he cared about.Sheila did not know her grandfather even knew ilegal preteen galleries Russ. She also knew that she was not allowed to ask, in the event it had something to do with his court. They were both quite red faced at this point, it looked good with their red hair.Sheila was dressed in a medium length, white flowered number, with white flats and a black ribbon, in preteen girls pics her red, shoulder length hair. Kos gave him a little push forward."Thanks for the complement sir." Russ pointed at the picture, "he is beautiful but," pointing at himself, "I think handsome." Judge Carter sure liked the boy's chutzpah. Having now met the lad a second time, he understood his granddaughter's feelings.Russ shook the judges hand and introduced Kos to him shy preteens pic and Sheila. In a few minutes Russ and Sheila were off to see other things, preteen girls biz leaving the adults, Sheila's parents, etc. preteens models petite to chat with Kos, Fred, et al.As soon as the children were out of parental sight they began holding hands. They didn't even realize they were doing that, it was just a kind of natural thing to do. It was just so cute, Ms Sample thought, when she saw her students. The University String Quartet was playing Pictures At An Exhibition (Mussorgsky-Revel) it was very appropriate. It was a very emotional time for the children. Neither of them recognized the music, the adults did. Ms Sample did. She headed for her students and that preteens models topless attracted many of her former students, now at university themselves, to meet preteen underage picture these two `wonderkins'.This event turned out to be highly successful for the college's students, they mostly sold out. Not everything was for sale, almost everything that was went, from large oils and metal sculpture, through jewelry and pottery. Kos was one of the few first year students to show. Kos' three all sold, even if it was uncle Fred's law firm, that bought BIM. Kos gave Sheila one of his sketches of Russ, which they both signed, she was absolutely thrilled.Several adults from Russ' old neighborhood passed by. Some had preteen pedo bbs wondered what ever happened to him, including several candid preteen cheerleaders of the branch library staff, who had gotten to know him quite well. Most knew about his, "so called parents". That was in the newspaper, all the story said was, "the child had recovered from his wounds and had been adopted by a city family". Russ positively beamed with pride as he introduced his big brothers and sister. Simon was also pleased to be preteen foot pics included so positively in the family.I was charged up like nothing preteen illegal hidden I had preteens wet pussies ever been before. I mean I was on an adrenaline high from all the excitement, not to mention getting a lot closer to Sheila. I forbidden preteen pictures was a little concerned that Kos would give me the gears about her, he didn't. amateur preteen upskirts I began to wonder if he cared or not. I guess he figured if I didn't say anything about him and Eric, he would extend the same to me and Sheila. As we drove home Kos put his hand on my left leg and kind of let it glide from my knee to my crotch and tinyangels pre teen back. I sure like that, it makes me tingle."Did you have a good time this afternoon?""I illegals nudes preteens sure did. You must be happy to have sold all your stuff?""Oh ya, you know the Dean told me, I was the first, first year student, to have erotic preteen magazine sold all of his fall show stuff, in the history of the school. What did you think of the work by the other students?""I liked most of it. I guess some things were a bit strange. preteen funlumpkinsing pics I thought most was at virgin strawberry preteen fotos preteenz least cleaver, if nothing else.""What did Sheila like the best?""Ah, well I guess, um, she, well, she liked preteen ass fuck preteen russian lovers BIM the best, but I think that has more to do with the model than the art," I replied. I could feel the heat in my face, I guess I must be blushing very red. Probably as preteen girlfriends naked red as my hair, I guessed."Anything else?" Gee, he passed on that opportunity."She liked a lot the jewelry and some of the textiles and that tall iron sculpture, with all the gears and arms on it.""I liked the sculpture too you know.""So did I, but as I said, more cleaver than anything else. I still think your stuff is more to my liking, even the ones I'm not modeling for.""Thank you little brother.""It is true you know. Say Kos, why don't you find a girl and maybe we can double date?""Hum, that is an idea but you don't want to go on a double date with us old folks.""Well your not old preteen cp archives and you do have the driver's black top preteen license.""True enough. You really like her?""Oh ya, a whole lot. I mean when she is around I just feel so, so, you know.""I know, you feel ten feet tall just holding her hand. It's a good idea but I don't, you know, outdoor preteen have any special girl and your my special boy." I know I turned red again, when he said that. I wonder exactly what he means?"That blond student, you know the one at the jewelry table was looking at you with longing eyes, you know.""No, I didn't know. You mean Nadine, the tall, blond one with the triangular preteen swimsuit girl face and the light, blue eyes?""Yes that's her name, she came over to us about three times, or didn't you notice.""I guess I was so into sketching my number one model to notice. You think she preteen gay picture likes me and not you?""Oh ya, it is you. I mean she was nice to me and Sheila when we stopped at her underage preteen child table, it was you she kept looking at."Kos stopped at a very fancy eating establishment. I just about died when I saw the prices on the menu. Anyway we walked in, still dressed for a wedding or funeral or something. Kos told me, without a reservation we may not get a table; as soon as the head waiter saw it was the "Smith Brothers", he found us one. I think he knows mom and dad and he knew Kos. Now he knows me too. Cloths don't make the man or boy, but they sure help, I could see that. Now Kos is not a bad cook, this food was just out of this world videos sexo preteens good. I still don't know what Kos ordered, since it was in French. Snails, cold soup and a miniature steak with a green spanish preteen porn sauce and a few carrots. It sure tasted good. When they got underaged preteen 16yo home that evening it didn't take very long to loose the formal attire. Russ was now sleeping with Kos on a regular basis. Kos' skilled hands played across the boy's naked body, like they do on his canvas. Russ could not seam to get preteen nonnude pix enough of his touch or his kisses. He sure could not get enough of his oral penis fixation or his prostrate massage. Nor could Russ get enough of Kos' protein supplement. Day by day, Russ was becoming more an more dependent on Kos' attention and affection. At first he accepted Kos' mouth to mouth kisses, now he desired them.On Monday when classes resumed, all of Russ' classmates were buzzing with the news of his nude modeling and his appearance in a tuxedo. little preteen cocks The girls were all envious neked preteen boys of Sheila, since they already knew she and Russ were, "good friends." The boys were all a bit envious too, more because Russ got to do all those sports things. One boy wanted to know if Russ was embarrassed to have all those people looking at his naked body. Russ responded no, no different then in the showers at the swimming pool. To a boy they envied Russ, if for nothing more than to have the courage to pose naked, something they all wished they had.Kos and Russ were both taking guitar lessons, one evening a week. Kos was competent as it was, that did not mean he didn't have room to improve. Russ seamed to be making steady progress. He was learning to read music, along with some barefoot russian preteen russian models preteen rudiments of theory. Russ had discovered several CD's of an old band, from the 60's, called The Ventures. They played electric guitars, bases and preteen usenet ad drums. (they obviously used a number of session artist on the Hammond B3, etc.) These were all instrumentals. He was just thrilled. Not so preteen star models much with the songs but with the clear picking of the notes. Kos told him these were dad's CD's and that dad played guitar and base in a band, when at university. From the dates on the recordings, the Ventures started in the 60's and are still going. They are hugely popular in Japan. Anyway, many of the cuts predate even dad. ( still had not gotten xxx preteen slut Russ into a singing program, he still needed to work on that. That was something he wanted to do soon, so Russ could enjoy singing all the seasonal music, that still lay ahead. ............. "Russ would you like to have a birthday party," Nancy asked."I don't know, never had one. Uh, why not skip the birthday bit and just have a party so everyone can come. We already missed the Autumnal Equinox, it was in late September, but lets see, how about Halloween. I mean it is only a week after my birthday anyway. You your sexy preteens know, I think I should change my birthday, to the day I became a Smith.""Well Judge Carter can change your name with a stroke of his pen but not your official birthday. I think a general party will be good, how many people do you want?""I have no idea. It is to cold for swimming and well I don't preteen art little know... about 20 or so?"..................Right after the exhibition the local preteen shocking daddy news paper ran a long article about the show. The article praised all the students, sexy preteen chests the writer gave several column inches to Boy In Motion and Kos, webcam preteen address with equal description to some of the preteen nubiles models other preteen legal nude exceptional work. She also went on at some length about how Kos and Russ were dressed and how well the sketches, made on the spot, sold and how good they were, and how handsome the Smith Brothers looked. Kos made a copy of the article and sent it porno preteens to his parents. Russ made sure several copies, that were put into his hero brother's scrap book.The next day several things happened that Russ and Kos were not aware of, until later that evening. First, the newspaper printed a letter to the editor from a Ms. Whitehouse, complaining about the pornographic nature of BIM and lambasting the college for allowing it into the show. Second the District Attorney's office received a complaint that Russ was a victim of sexual abuse and the Police Department Internal Affairs received a complaint that Eric and Kos were abusing Russ.Several follow up letters to the editor suggested that Ms. W probably had not even been at the exhibition or even saw BIM. Most of the public it seamed, were behind the artist.When both IA and the DA appeared in Judge Carter's chambers, wanting search warrants, that were very non specific, he refused to sign them. Judge Carter also suggested that they combine their preteens models portal investigations. He also warned them, not to go behind his back to another judge but to return with both probable cause and highly specific hantai preteen and well defined evidence, that they were seeking. Judge Carter is by the book.The pair headed for Fred's office to view this, "work of art". While they were in transit the newspaper editor called Fred; telling him he had received several letters that he did not print, as they made serious charges against Kos and were likely libelous.Fred smelled preteen rumanian nudes a rat. He immediately called Kos to warn him, just in case he hand any child porn in the house or on preteen naked pedofi his computers. Kos thanked his uncle.Now we know he did have porn and some of it might be considered child porn, by some swedish preteen girls non legal standards. What had happened, not by design but by good luck, was the following:Kos did get a new computer for himself, a new preteen and naturist Mac G5, since mom and dad were footing the bill. He gave his old unit to Russ as instructed, an 800 hertz G4 tower. Since his new machine was virgin he just moved all his old software and his normal art files and figure studies to it. He placed all his porn or anything privet or questionable, on his new ipod, which he used as a spare drive for his ibook or his G5. The ipod was a preteen asian thong promotional "gift" for purchasing such a high end G5. The sales lady suggested he move his "personal" files to the ipod, and place the G5, G4 and his ibook on a wireless network, along with his parents preteen fucking pictures computers. By keeping his "personal files" on the ipod, they would be more privet. He also purchased a new internal 80 gig preteen parties drive for hottest preteens pictures the G4 and junked the old 40, which was beginning to make just a little noise anyway, something the computer store tech suggested. "When they start to make noise they could fail at any time," he was told. Why he placed a copy of Firefox on the ipod to hold his internet history, even he didn't know for sure. Kos had thought, perhaps Russ' access to naked little preteensgirls adult stuff, should be under some control anyway.He knew the only other questionable material was the kind of stuff available at any well stocked news stand and he is an adult. So he, in effect, did nothing.When the junior assistant DA and the IA cop arrived at the law office, Fred greeted them warmly and proudly showed them BIM. That is when he learned about the complaints. Now he began to put things together. He reminded them of the pending trial of Marshall preteen young sex et al. Pointing out that his son and the Smiths were instrumental in their problems. The junior DA also let slip about Carter's refusal for a blanket search warrant. Fred reminded them both that he was Russ' and Kos' counsel and that if they chose to serve a warrant he insisted on being present.The IA fellow showed the complaint to Fred, who would also be acting for Eric, he correctly assumed. Fred noted that it was so vague as to essentially useless. glamorous preteens models The investigator agreed. Fred suggested they both tell the complainants that much more detail and specifics would be required to proceed. They all agreed that the BIM would forbidden preteen paysites not meet the courts definition of pornography and since Russ was being paid better than the going rate for modeling, no exploitation was evident. He also suggested that if they wished to interview Eric, Russ or Kos he would be glad to arrange it.He than let it be known what the newspaper editor had told him about letters he refused to print, suggesting they may wish to review them.They left preteenmodels pictures for the newspaper office. The Editor would not give them copies but did let them read the text and note the names of the writers.It turned out Ms. Whitehouse and all the others, were friends or relatives of Marshall or Potter. When pressed for more details all refused to give them, since they would have had to purger themselves, although no one was willing to admit that.When they did get search warrants, with specifics on them, nothing could be found, of course no one thought to ask what was on the ipod, which did have some music too. preteen goth pussy The junior DA was not pleased that Kos had made sketches and taken pictures of his boy model nude, but had to agree none of it constituted the definition of child porn and were not being distributed, so much for that.As to the interviews, they went as expected, no place. Fred did insist that the complaint and the conclusion that it was unfounded and malicious, if not conspiratorial, was placed in Eric's file. The DA was not willing to proceed any further since they had no evidence of anything, just unsubstantiated, apparently unfounded, malicious rumors. She was not convinced, until Russ assured her he knew what abuse was and the one thing he learned from his new family was, "something I don't have to take, ever again". That seamed to give her some comfort.Now our boys are not good at lying, in fact they are real bad at it. They are cleaver, however. Since neither of them ever did anything to the other, that was not wanted or accepted, they did not view their sexual activities as abuse. Since they both preteen thai model liked playing with each other's masculinity, they did not consider it, inappropriate. To them it was appropriate. When asked if Kos or Eric had touched him inappropriately, Russ could answer quite truthfully, no. Russ played ignorant of sex, making her explain the difference between Kos' touching him for a massage, after a hard karate workout and sexual fondling, for example. It was quite obvious, no matter what her personal suspicions were, with no admission or any physical evidence or eye witness accounts, no case.Fred knows his son and his nephews, he realized what they were probably doing. The poor junior assistant didn't have the moxie to rephrase her questions more bluntly or with greater anatomical precision. That may not have helped her much, in any event.Fred played his trump card a few days later. He called a meeting of the ADA, Marshall's and Potter's lawyers, along with Marshall and Potter and presented a copy of the envelope's content to them, along with Dr. Evens' DNA testing. The envelope contained the correspondence and other documents about Russ' adoption and a letter signed by Marshall assuring the Tolkan's of his continued support in this matter; as well as copies of the agreement between the two families and the check given to them as "assistance money", the adoption papers and so on. In effect they were paid to adopt the child quietly and keep quiet about it. While this may not have been strictly illegal, it was questionable in ethics and provided a strong motive for the conspiracy charges.Marshall was still not willing to plead out, when Fred suggested that the DA would have no choice but put Russ on the stand to tell his preteens fuck cock story of physical and emotional abuse suffered, for which his former adoptive parents were serving jail time; they were dead meat and if the DA offered immunity to the Tolkans, they would surely speak on behalf of the people. That, combined with a mention of the vindictive attempt at character assassination, of his son and nephew, again at the boy's expense...Marshall's lawyer wanted Fred to explain why he held on to this evidence so long. Fred explained that his client did not want it brought forward, but changed his mind when it became obvious that Marshall had orchestrated a vindictive attempt to besmirch the reputations of himself, his brother and cousin. Russell recognizes abuse, in preteensphotos and of, all forms, when he sees it. He will no longer be victimized by your client or anyone else.Potter broke on the spot and Marshall agreed, not even a plea bargain, just guilty as charged. Her role was secondary and much later. Her crime was one of omission, but still deserving of punishment.The sad and ironic part of all this was, Marshall, in spite of his arrogance and pompousness, had done a good job over the years. In fact, his department had a very solid reputation and helped many children and their families. His ego was such, it became impossible for him to realize, that "these people" weren't doing this to him, that he had set himself polska preteen models up years ago. He had done it and continued to do it, to himself.In the week following, one of the local print journalists began putting the dots between preteen topless link the parities and the crimes. He managed to figure out the connection between the Tolkans and Marshall cases. He was speculating about who the boy was. Their were hints of all the events mentioned above, but no conformation. He decided to try and get some comment from the Smiths and the boy, if at all possible, since no one else would talk to him.Learning that Dr. and Mr. Smith were unavailable he defaulted to Kosmos and Nancy. Both refused comment or to allow an interview with Russell. Feeling rather frustrated he made a fatal error in judgment and approached Russell outside of his home. He was waiting for him as he came home from school. Russell was just a bit confused and a bit flattered by this attention. He hesitated and remembered what Uncle Fred had told him, which was not to interview or answer any questions from anyone, without one of his adult care givers present, ever."Well sir, I think you had better contact my uncle, Fred Jensen.""Nice try kid, I have been getting porn boys preteen the run around all day with your family, I have a story deadline."Russ held out his hand, "Give me your card, please."The reporter reached into his picket and handed him his business card. Russ studied it for a moment pulled out his cell phone and called Kos. "Kos, a Mr. Wright from the paper wants an interview with me." ... "Are you the Todd Wright that he told no to earlier today?" ... "Yes Kos, the same person." ... "Kos said to fuck off met art preteens before preteens pics slut he gets here, he is only a few blocks away."The Reporter was not amused and began to protest, wasting valuable time. Kos was now coming down the street and could see Russ and the reporter standing in the driveway. Kos screeched to a halt in the driveway and piled out of the little red sports car, his tall thin body towering over the much shorter reporter."What is it don't understand about no, Todd? Now fuck off before I do the "dirty uglies on you.""You should be more careful, it is not a good idea to threaten people, you know.""You are trespassing and you are stalking a minor, who you have been forbidden to speak with..." The two men were glaring at each other. Russ did what he thought was the right thing to do, he called Eric. By now several neighbors were emerging from their homes, to see just what this commotion was all about.Russ was just a bit confused by all of this. He got snippets of the conversation between the threats and the preteen gay pic half hearted apologies. Eric pulled up and Sandy came bounding across the lawn and sat by Russ. Eric told him to take Sandy inside and give her some water. Russ was slow, but he went. No young boy wants to leave the scene of any action that might come about, especially if that action involved his heroes. Eric called Fred and had him talk to Todd Wright, about this whole thing."The answer to that question Todd, is no. While you may think you have figured out some details about the connection between the Tolkans and Mr. Marshall's recent difficulties, let me assure you that would only be a small part of the story." ... "Yes you can quote me on that. My client, Russell Smith has nothing to say on the subject." free girl preteen ... "No Todd, you had better be very careful with this one. You paper reported on the Tolkans and as I recall sighted Judge Carter's publication ban on the name of the child in question. I think even speculating about that in print, will be viewed by him as violation of his order, at least in spirit. Now you are free to speculate, as you so rightly point out, are you sure you want to anger the judge by doing so?"... "In fact, even the mention of any more detailed a connection between these two cases, than that sighted by the court, adds little real information to your story, since it would be nothing more than speculation and perceptions. Using my client's name or description in that context does not contribute to the greater good, accuracy or devolution of the facts. It preteen photos magazine does violate his and his family's privacy. Something I am charged with protecting." ... "Absolutely pics preteens skirts preteen dirty pantys Todd, if you think your editor will go along with it. Just remember that I did not threaten legal action, I only reminded you to be absolutely certain of your facts. Now I want you three boys to shake hands and do it very publicly, I know those neighbors and their preteen youngsex eyes are upon you."
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